About Udyansh


UDYANSH has started its work in 2000 from Khandwa block of Khandwa District with Swa-Shakti Project supported by Department of MahilaEvam Bal Vikas, Govt of Madhya Pradesh. UDAYANSH initiated its work with awareness programme for child, women and adult’s healths, concept of SHG & importance of education in their life through trainings, camps, meetings & individual contacts in Thikri block of Barwani District which is having 73% tribal population.

UDYANSH has very good experience in working for sustainable livelihood for the community with a holistic approach of integrated sustainable rural development through enhancement of livelihood opportunities, empowerment of local panchayat raj institution (PRI), optimum utilization of local resources, and reduction in migration, Linkages of women SHG with income generation activities such as goat and poultry rearing, cosmetics, grocery and electric shops, carpentry etc and ensured livelihoods promotion.

We are expertise in the field of livelihood enhancement in general and in particular with women from socially Excluded communities as well. There are demonstrable experience of implementing interventions in farm and off farm livelihood sectors in the area of intervention in Agriculture & its allied sectors including in animal husbandry with sound understanding of the complexities of the rural sector which also includes demonstrable experience of working with socially excluded groups. We have a very good experience in promotion of livelihood especially in rural poor and in the difficult areas.

Udyansh has associated with Department of Panchayat and Rural Development from 2007 to 2012. The program includes activities like construction of small check dams, Deepening of Well, Recharging of Well and Hand Pump etc by the SHG’s formed. This program minimizes the seasonal migration for job.

Under the Watershed program we have a very good experience in forming SHG and engaging them in income generation activities also. The program continued from 2007 to 2012 with the support of Department of Panchayat and Rural Development. The program includes activities like construction of small check dams, Deepening of Well, Recharging of Well and Hand Pump etc by the SHG’s formed. This program minimizes the seasonal migration for job.

Presently, implementing following programs:-

Agriculture Extension& Development:- Udyansh is implementing the Better cotton initiative (BCI) Project in 81 villages covering more than 15000 cotton growing farmers in dhar district since 2015 cotton season. Udyansh covering all aspects such as soil health, water stewardship, crop protection, biodiversity, Decent agriculture practices etc. The project is being supported by IDH, Netherlands.

Integrated Watershed Development with Climate proofing:- Udyansh is implementing integrated watershed development in kukshi block treating more than 1100 hectare area with support from Nabard since 2019.

FPOs promotion:- Udyansh is promoting 5 FPOs covering 5000 farmers in Dhar district. The main objective is collective purchasing of inputs & organized marketing of agri produces. This is also supported by NABARD.

A short note on the COVID -related activities conducted

Looking to the challenging situation of COVID-19 Pandemic in the country during 2020 to 2022, Udyansh has taken initiative to create the awareness in the project villages, slogan writing on walls & support to the health professionals in distributing sanitizers, soaps & PPE.

Udyansh has developed very good rapport with community of dhar district since last four years and considering this as opportunity, Udyansh with its dedicated staff created one to one awareness among 4178 families regarding social distancing, regular hand washing, and importance of isolation. Udyansh also write the slogans regarding prevention of CORONA at different walls in the villages.

In addition to that, Udyansh field staff has also provided their support to corona warriors in distributing sanitizers, soaps & PPE such as masks & gloves. Udyansh also supported to provide meal to the needy persons at its head office location.

Udyansh is working in 50 most tribal villages of Alirajpur district for child trafficking, Child labour, child sexual abuse & child marriage through awareness & legal action in collaboration with kailash satyarthi childrens foundation US.
Udyansh is continuously working on the above issues.