UDAYANSH ‘The Rising Sun For tribal community’ came into existence in the year 2000 to build up the capacity of Women, Education and Development for the remote and far reaching Tribal Region of Madhya Pradesh. UDYANSH strives to full fill its vision of mainstreaming the Tribal Families of this backward region with the active participation and involvement of the people.

Since its inception and with a span of 12 years UDYANSH has started its work in 2000 from Khandwa block of Khandwa District with Swa-Shakti Project supported by Department of MahilaEvamBalVikas, Govt of Madhya Pradesh.

Thikri block of Barwani District having 73% tribal population UDAYANSH initiated its work with awareness programme for child, women and adult’s healths, concept of SHG & importance of education in their life through trainings, camps, meetings & individual contacts.

UDYANSH is already involved in several projects in the area now. Through these projects it is reaching to the same rural community i.e. socially excluded which needs support and opportunities for their regular employment and livelihood since the organization has its presence and set up in the intervention area now.


  1. Promotion of Science, Computer and other education, literature or fine arts
  2. Diffusion of useful knowledge through educational and other institutions
  3. Promotion of Social Welfare
  4. Promotion of religious or charitable purpose including establishment of funds for welfare of military orphans, welfare of political sufferers and welfare of the unfortunate
  5. Promotion of gymnastics and sports
  6. Establishments and maintenance of Hostels for students and working women
  7. Awareness & Development of Women & Child